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Austrian ticket inspectors can use adequate measures of violence

ticket inspectors fare dodgersAccording to the new decision of the Court of Chancery, ticket inspectors are allowed to hold people in public transports and check their tickets.

So far Austrian ticket inspectors were not allowed to hold fare dodgers. If a fare dodger run away and escaped, the ticket inspector was not allowed to chase him.

Now this law was changed. Ticket inspectors have the right to hold and chase people without tickets.

Ticket inspectors are also allowed to use “adequate measures of violence” now.

Last year 160.000 fare dodgers were caught in Vienna. Most of the fare dodgers accept their offence and don’t try to escape. They pay their fine of 70 Euro with a smiling face.

The decision of the Court of Chancery was because of an occurrence in the Upper Austrian capital of Linz, where a ticket inspector was attacked by a fare dodger and badly injured. The ticket inspector was not allowed to fight back. Now Austrian ticket inspectors have the right to defend theirselfes, and take “adequate measures of violence” themselfes.

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