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Peter Westenthaler reports green politican to the police

westenthaler peterThe boss of the orange BZÖ party Peter Westenthaler, reported the Lower Austrian green politican Madeleine Petrovic to the police.

Petrovic has declared during an event this month, that she is going to help hiding illegal immigrants. Westenthaler don’t want to accept such kind of help, and wants to see his political colleague punished.

Now the police is investigating because there is a suspicion of supporting illegal immigrants, which is against the law of the immigration authorities.

The range of sentences amounts 6 months.

Petrovic does not see any violation of law. “The report to the police is doubtful”, she says.

Peoples Party policitan Klaus Schneeberger said, that laws are here to be respected. “A politican should not hide behind his immunity”, he confirmed.

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