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Divorce industry: the worlds first exhibition for divorces in Vienna

divorceVienna has the doubtful honour to be the venue of the worlds first exhibition for divorces.

Every second marriage gets divorced in Austria. This created a new industry around the break-up of couples. People make money with divorces.

The consequential result of such a development is an exhibition for those who earn money with that.

On the 27th and the 28th October the worlds first “exhibition for divorces” is going to be held in Vienna.

“Start a new life”, is the official title of the exhibition. Lawyers and real estate companies are the two most represented occupation groups.

The location of the exhibition is the Viennese Marriott Hotel. The target audience are people who got divorced, are in a divorce at the moment, and also those who are thinking about a divorce.

The “divorce industry” already comprises a huge spectrum. Exhibitors are spotters, who offer their service for observations, a company who do paternity tests, a holiday agency offers “relaxing holiday after divorce”, and even the archdiocese of Vienna has booked a stand on the exhibition.

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