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Desecration of graves: Carinthian priest damaged cemetery

cemetery gravesThe believers of a little village in the Carinthian Metnitztal valley are shocked and upset about their priest.

He destroyed a wall with graves in the cemetery. Some graves were opened and the overburden was littered with bones.

The owner of the graves were not informed about the plans of the priest. They reported the priest to the police: desecration of graves.

The priest defends itself. He said the wall was old and broken and had to be removed. The wall was already a danger for cemetery visitors. 5 graves were damaged and several more had to be laid open. “There was no time to inform the owners of the graves”, he said.

One man got a shock when he wanted to visit the grave of his grandfather. He just found a deep hole instead of the grave. On the earth overburden next to the hole he saw several bones. Probably the bones of his grandfather.

The whole village is angry. “The priest disgraced our cemetery”, is the unanimous opinion.

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