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Kosovan girl Arigona Zogaj is back in school

schoolThe 15-year-old Kosovan girl, Arigona Zogaj, who escaped her deportation from Austria, is back in her school in Vöcklamarkt.

During the past two weeks Arigona was hiding herself from police to avoid her deportation. She also sent video messages to politicans and menanced to kill herself, if she is not allowed to stay in Austria.

Interior Minister Platter from the Peoples Party promised, nothing will happen to her. She came out of the hiding-place, and visited her school yesterday again for the first time after her adventurous getaway.

Her friends at school were happy about the return. They were shouting “Arigona! Arigona! Arigona!”

The school was crowded with journalists and photographers, who wanted to take part in the return of Arigona.

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