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The wishes and thoughts of Austrian women

austrian womenA survey of the IFES-institute shows the wishes and thoughts of the female Austrians.

Most of the women in Austria want to be employed, and don’t want to see their job as “necessary evil”. The job should be part of their “self created” life.

The survey was made on order by Austrians women minister Doris Bures of the Socialdemocrats. 1.000 women were questioned.

27 percent see themselfes as a house wife. 42 percent think the role as employe is more important than being a house wife. 31 percent want both, a job and being a house wife.

Success and career is not so important for the women in Austria. Only 17 percent want that. The female Austrians wish to have a self created life and an individual area of freedom (80%).

Austrian women think politicans should do more against unemployment. They also want more political activity against violence in the family. On the third place of the womens wish list is the increase of their salary.

Critics about the survey came from the secretary general of the Peoples Party women Monika Posch. “The survey was a waste of money”, she said. The women of the Green party were not happy either. “The survey was insufficient”, said Greens woman Brigid Weinzinger. No critics were heard from the women of the Freedom Party and the BZÖ. It seems they were happy and satisfied about the survey.

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