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Turkish man shot workmate in Lower Austria and cut his penis off

cut penis offA very bizarre murder happened in the Lower Austrian town of Neunkirchen yesterday evening.

A 76-year-old man from Turkey shot his 58-year-old workmate in the open street, and cut his penis off.

It happened at about 10:00pm. The 76-year-old pulled the trigger of his scatter-gun, and stretched his workmate down by one single shot. Then he removed the trousers of his victim, and cut his penis off. The victim had no chance to survive. He died at the scene of the crime.

The 76-year-old was caught and arrested by the police. He just bought the scatter-gun in the morning. Reason of the act: the 58-year-old was smiling at his wife.

11 Kommentare zu “Turkish man shot workmate in Lower Austria and cut his penis off”

  1. Becklydollar

    I dont know what is really wrong with these turks, they like other women, lets say our xtian women, but when u try to smile with theirs, you are gone: I mean their rights should be limited in Eu, why is it there u cant practice xtainity in s-arabia but in the heart of Rome, u have a mosque? the wourld is in sain.

  2. savas karaduman

    You are complete lier!
    This is not the reason of the act: the 58-year-old was smiling at his wife.
    The reason was not as simple as this! Victim has a relation with the killer`s wife as long as 20 years.

  3. Kula Shaker

    @savas karaduman

    This is not true. He told the police it was because of smiling. “Jemandem schöne Augen machen” in German language.
    Maybe he thought of a secret relation, but thinking and knowing are two different things.

  4. Lizzie

    owow, that’s terrible, im sorry for who this happened to.

  5. Robert Ald

    What is the worse thing you can say to a Turkish man? What i have read this man did not say anything, he just smiling at this woman. WoW, people like this should not come to America, we smile, and say hello, how are you, good morning,etc,etc.
    But what is the worse thing you can say to a Turkish man???


  6. Murderer moans about too mild sentence at Austria News

    […] – link: Turkish man killed workmate and cut penis off […]

  7. Herr Helten

    here in america we put back on with “”Duct tape””
    maybe it “”Wobbles”” like Bill Clinton
    a side way slide,a sideway glance
    one false move
    you lose your pants!!!

  8. August Coast

    Wow, what if the dude go to Brazil, where men kiss women in the cheek and vice-versa. A massacre for sure, thousands os penises would be cut off.

  9. hamzaalbenni

    i dont understand this because in turkey when a man meets a woman or a man meets a man ot a woman meets a oman u kiss them 3 times on the check so smiling is like wtf but yer okay then i have never know turkish people to be like this lol

  10. eben

    he killed the guy cuz he smiled to his wife ? you stupid honkis are that retarded ? its not a regular smile for sure but you guys love to bang each other’s wife and never heard the term honor or pride not to mention all your filthy women love to clean black pipes too
    Besides, I havent met any american does smile or say good morning they just say f*ck you and maybe smile after because that’s all they are about.

  11. Liza

    Turkey is a very accepting country – I went there this past summer and everyone is very friendly and accepting and SMILE at everyone. There are minorities of Christians and Jews in Turkey. Of course, throughout history there have been cases of violence – but there are cases of violence in EVERY COUNTRY, so singling out “Turks” for being violent is extremely hypocritical.

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