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Thousands of protesters against Austrian immigration policy in Vienna

immigration policyThe demonstration against the immigration policy of the government was organized by the green party.

The protests took place on the Minoritenplatz square. It was the spokeswoman of the Greens, Eva Glawischnig, who demanded the resignation of Austrias Interior Minister Günther Platter (Peoples Party).

Other protsters wants to have “free borders” and “unlimited right of residence for all”. A lot of signboards with such messages were prestented.

The stated number of protesters are different. At the beginning the official number of protesters was 1.000. The Greens were talking about 3.000. At the end of the demonstration the presenter and TV weatherman Andreas Jäger was “happy about 10.000 protesters”.

There was an outburst of emotions in some situations. People were screaming messages like “the Interior Minister has no heart”, and “the Interior Minister should leave Austria.”

Critics to Interior Minister Günther Platter also from Greens boss Alexander van der Bellen. “This man is doing a disgusting policy. This man is antisocial and unchristian. This man causes unsecurity, fear and scare among asylum seekers”, he said.

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