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8th November: Austrian doctors on strike

austrian doctorsAustria had more popular health ministers in its history as the present one. Now doctors in Austria are even going on strike, to protest against the new law in the health system.

A strike of doctors in Austria is something very unsusual, but Austrias health minister made it possible to displease them in a way, they do not see any other solution than a strike.

The medical association of Austria thinks the strike day on the 8th November is only the beginning of a new conflictual development in the health system.

The bone of contention is the a draft bill of the health ministry of a 15a-declaration for the federal states. The Austrian health system should be nationalized. The medical association talks about an “unbelievable assault” on the Austrian health system.

“The new law will be the destruction of a good working system”, say doctors. The Austrian health system should be centralistic organised.

It’s not the first time the controversial Austrian health minister is under massive critics. Andrea Kdolsky has overweight, tells she loves to smoke, and eats roast pork in enormous amounts. Recently she was also talking about her varied love life on TV. Health minister Kdolsky is member of the Peoples Party.

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