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Bizarre border dispute in Vienna between Hernals and Währing

vienna borderIs it such a bad reputation to be an inhabitant of the Viennese city district Hernals?

It seems like that, because the residents of a certain street in Hernald don’t want to belong to their city district anymore.

The street is located on the border to the city district of Währing, but still in the district area of Hernals. Now some residents of the street demand to shift the border. They want their street to be part of Währing.

Now the protesters even receive help from politics. It is the district councillor of Währing from the Peoples Party, who supports the border rebels. “It makes sense to expand Währing”, he says.

The only problem is that the city district of Hernals is absolutely not interested to give away parts of its territory. “We are not going to lose our street to Währing”, promises a spokesman of Hernals to his citizens.

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