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Funster: Viennese wanted to dry off chili peppers in microwave

funsterThe central area of Vienna, in the district of Margareten, was the location of a very unusual incident.

A man tried to dry off chili pepper in his microwave. Result: the fire brigade had to come, and residents had to wear breathing protection.

It was a very pungent smell out of the tenement on the Margaretenplatz square 4 in Vienna-Margareten. Lodgers had tears in their eyes, and the house was only walkable with respirator masks.

One kilogram of chilli peppers in the microwave, and all people had to leave the house. Even workers of a neighbouring factory were affected by the result of such a crazy idea.

The whole house had to be cleaned by a high-efficiency aerator. The “chilli lover” was exhorted to avoid such mad sprees in the future.

Photographer: Vinicius Tupinamba | Agency:

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