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Election campaign expenses in Austria

election campaign expensesThe green party of Austria complains about a “horrific opacity” of election campaign expenses of Socialdemocrats and Peoples Party.

The Greens want a new law which should promise harsh sanctions if the allowed volume of election campaign expenses exceeds.

During the last election campaign both parties were talking about 17,3 and 14,5 mio EUR, but the expenses of the party organisations from the federal states are not included in this sums. Also the party donations of the industrialists association and the labor union for the election campaign did not find an inclusion in the official statistics.

“They are trying to disguise their true election campaign expenses”, says one upset party member of the Greens.

The Greens demand a new law to unfold all election campaign expenses in Austria. If a party should exceed the allowed volume of election campaign expenses, its party financing should be cut.

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