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Addicted to ham & cheeseburgers: Carinthian schools prefer fast food

fast foodThe president of the medical association in Vienna demands a ban on fast food in schools.

The Carinthians don’t like such an idea. “Nobody takes our beloved fast food away”, is the sulky comment from Austrias Southern province.

It’s an undisputed truth that fast food is not the healthiest nutrition. Especially for young people. Fast food makes fat and sick. The president of the medical association in Vienna wanted to raise his finger and warn about the disastrous effects of fast food in schools. Carinthia does not accept that.

“I have no power of decision about that anyway”, says Carinthians federal school president. Every higher school can decide its own food supply. “But I think bans are not a good idea”, says the federal school president of Carinthia.

It won’t be the last discussion about that case. The young generation of Austria is becoming fatter and fatter. Too little sports and too much unhealthy food cannot hide the results of such an eating behaviour.

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