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Styrian chairman of Peoples Party against Austrian neutrality

austrian flagThe chairman of the Peoples Party in Styria attacks the Austrian president Heinz Fischer in a guest commentary of a daily newspaper.

The member of the Peoples Party thinks Fischer is not honest in the debate about the Austrian neutrality.

“He should stop to mislead the Austrian citizens. We need an honest debate about our neutrality”, says the Peoples Party man. The chairman of the Peoples Party thinks neutrality is not the one and only blissful making strategy for the future of Austria. “The president looks quite ridiculous if he tries to put on airs as the guardian of the Holy Grail”, he confirms.

The Styrian chairman of the Peoples Party wants to see the abolition of the neutrality. This would be an important contribution to a new frankness and honesty in the Austrian politics, he thinks, and adds: “Neutrality was created out of an compromise in 1955, and consequently a remnant of the perdiod after the second world war.”

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