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Overwhelming majority: 87,5% of Austrians want to release prisoners

criminalsThe latest survey about releasing prisoners from Austrian prisons showed an overwhelming result: 87,5% of the Austrians think the prisoners should work in freedom instead of sitting in prison.

The Austrian justice minister Maria Berger (Socialdemocrats) had the idea to take the pressure off Austrian prisons. The prisoners should be released and work in freedom for non-commercial purposes. 87,5% of the Austrian citizens agree with her.

12,3 percent are against such kind of ideas. 1,4 percent of them are strictly against it, 4,6 percent against it, and 6,3 percent more easily against it. Only 0,2% have no opinion about that.

Interviewed persons who were once a victim of crime think different. Only 46,7% of them think the criminals should be saved from prison. Also criminals were questioned. 80% of them think the idea of Maria Berger is a good one.

75,4% of all Austrians have the opinion the Austrian justice should care more about the victims of crime, instead of imprisonment easements for criminals.

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