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Brickbat: Austrian Mail wants to cut 1.500 jobs

postThe Austrian Mail wants to continue its policy to close small post offices in the countryside, and decrease its staff.

1.500 employees should leave the Austrian Mail now.

A matter of delicacy for the Austrian government, as the Socialdemocrats who are the leading part in the government with the chancellor, promised the contrary before the last election, and even hosted protest events in the whole country against the maintenance of closing post offices in Austria.

The political oppositon in Austria is quite surprised about such a decision and asks: “Is it really fair to break the promise like that?”

The orange BZÖ party of Jörg Haider is very crucial with the Socialdemocrats. “If there would be an award for hypocrisy, the Socialdemocrats would be the first candidate for that”, tells one party member in his press release.

The cut of mail locations harms the rural area, and threatens the supply security of the Austrian citizens, thinks the BZÖ man and finally asks: “Is this the social competence of the Socialdemocrats?”

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