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Many Austrians feel healthy but aren’t

austriansAccording to a new survey of Statistik Austria, 75,5 percent of Austrians feel “very good” or at least “good”.

This is quite a suprising result, as most of the Austrians suffer under many medical conditions and chronic diseases.

2,3 mio Austrians over 15 years have backbone troubles, 1,3 mio blood-pressure, 1,1 mio always problems with allergies, 500.000 joint diseases as well as headache and migraine. Almost 400.000 Austrians have diabetes.

The subjective sense of the patients leads to a life in full pleasure, without any thoughts about the ailing health. Result: also the adiposity is increasing among Austrias population. Since 1999 the amount of fat people in Austria increased by 4 percent.

1,6 mio Austrians smoke daily. Especially women and youths like to smoke a lot.

“The result makes me sad, but it’s a very special challenge for me to improve the situation”, says Austrians minister of health Andrea Kdolsky (Peoples Party).

The average life expectancy of the Austrian man is 77,1 years. The average Austrian woman lives until 82,7 years. Because of Austrias excellent health system the life expectancy is rising. 300.000 people are working in Austrias health system: 40.000 doctors, 90 mio contacts between doctors and patients and 100 mio issued prescriptions every year.

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