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Three tons of tomatoes stolen in Burgenland

crimeIn a village called Pamhagen, in Austrias federal state of Burgenland, a farmer became a victim of the “vitamin gang”.

Three tons of tomatoes were stolen from his field. The damage of the crime amounts 1.500 EUR.

The farmer was quite surprised when he came to his field and wanted to reap the tomatoes. Somebody already did the job, and escaped with all the tomatoes.

Such a crime happend not for the first time. Burgenland is a prefered area for the so called “vitamin gang”. Already since summer 2002 several tons of paprika and tomatoes were stolen.

The police has absolutely no clue about the thieves. That’s why most of the agricultural areas in Burgenland are secured by electric barbed-wire fence, security services, and hidden cameras.

Photographer: Vinicius Tupinamba | Agency:

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