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Sensational birth of identical triplet in Vorarlberg

hospitalIn Feldkirch, a little town in the province of Voralberg, on Monday, the 6th of August, the monozygotic (appeared from one fertilized egg) triplet of girls is born.

The probability to give a birth to such an identical triplet is only 1 to 200 million… This phenomenon is possible to achieve only by natural way, the pharmaceutical stimulation of ovulation or artificial fertilization are up to date useless in order to get identical twins or triplets.

The happy mother is 25-years-old English woman, and the father is a Voralberger. The triplet is born by the planned cesarean section at the beginning of the 33rd gestational week.

The girls weighed about 1.5 kg each, their height is about 40 cm, and all of them are looking the same. They were called quite interestingly: Amy, Kim, and Zoe.

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