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Peter Westenthaler thinks about leaving politics

peter westenthalerThe leader of the parliamentary group of the orange BZÖ (Alliance for the future of Austria) Peter Westenthaler told, he is thinking about leaving the political stage.

His party members would show their understanding for such a decision. “The politicans of Socialdemocrats and Peoples Party are not nice to him”, says one insider.

The minister president of Carinthia and foster-father of Peter Westenhalter, Jörg Haider, don’t wanted to give a comment about that case.

Peter Westenthaler worries about the “lost ethics in politics” and the “low reputation of politicans in Austria”.

His political opponents sneer. “If Westenthaler complains about the ethics in politics, it’s the same if a pop singer complains about his pop music”, says one politican of the Freedom Party.

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