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Mother of Natascha Kampusch presents book

bookIt was one year ago, when Natascha Kampusch escaped from 8 years of imprisonment.

Now her mother, Brigitta Sirny, wants to present her sight of the case in a book. The presentation is today.

The book has the title: “Mein Leben ohne Natascha (My life without Natascha)”. Brigitta Sirny describes the day of the kidnapping, and the following 8 years without her daughter.

She tells the positive and negative reactions of her neighbourhood, and how she was able to handle that.

The victim of the kidnapping, Natascha Kampusch, is still trying to create a charity organization for young women in Latin America. It’s supposed Natascha Kampusch is not interested to sell the rights of her story. A German television producer tried to buy, but failed.

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