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Hungry 18-year-old lady went mad in Klagenfurt

fast food restaurantA sunny Sunday morning in the Carinthian capital of Klagenfurt.

An 18-year-old lady with empty stomach is waiting infront of the entrance of a fast food restaurant.

The restaurant is closed and should open in some minutes. But she is too hungry to wait. She wants in now, and knocks several times violently on the door.

The employees of the fast food restaurant don’t care about the hungry lady, and open the door exactly at official opening time.

This is the time for revenge for the hungry 18-year-old hungry customer. She starts to beat the employees and attacks them with a pepper spray. Then she left the restaurant without any food.

Later she was caught in the city centre of Klagenfurt by the police. She also started to fight with the policemen. Two policemen were hurt. The hungry lady was reported to the police, but not arrested. It’s not known when she has received her first meal on Sunday.

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