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Aptitude test for medical study: Germans better than Austrians

testThe aptitude tests for the medical study are evaluated.

The best result had a young lady from Vienna, but applicants from Germany were averaged better than Austrians.

2.581 people applied in the test. 740 places at university are available. Two third of the applicants were Austrians, 28% Germans, and the rest came from several countries around the world.

The best nation in the test was Germany. The average German made 103,1 points. The average Austrian only 98,6 points. Balm for Austrians: 6 Austrians were among the best 10.

Like the years before, men made a much better performance than women, in spite of the the fact that the best person of the 2.581 applicants was female.

Airport Klagenfurt with record: 3.000 passengers in one day

The 28th July 2007 was an historical date for the airport in Klagenfurt. 3.000 passengers were dispatched. This is the highest amount of passengers in the history of the airport. Reason of the high appearance of passengers was the high season during summer, and a lot of departures and arrivals of scheduled flights. Usually from […]

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