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9 of 10 holidaymakers in Austria are over 50 years

austrian holiday9 of 10 tourists in Austria during summer time are over 50 years old.

Peace and recreation are the two most important leading motives to spend a holiday in Austria. This is the result of a survey of the Tourismus-Monitor Austria (T-Mona) and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

26 percent of Austrias guests come for a “summer retreat”, one quarter likes to go hiking, 18 percent search for recreatrion and wellness. Culture is the most important motivation for 19 percent of Austrias visitors.

Only 11 percent are interested to do sports. Two-thirds are male in that group.

The preproduction model of the Austrian tourist is 54 years old, prefers peace and calmness, spends his holiday on the countryside, travels with his family, and comes from Germany. The preproduction model of the Austrian tourist spends 77 EUR every day.

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