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European Union praises quality of life in Vienna

viennaVienna is better than the average of the European Union in terms of quality of life. This is the result of a survey by the European Union.

The best thing about Vienna is the supply of public transport. The integration of foreign persons is Viennas tender spot.

Also the medical care is one of Viennas top features. 94% of the Viennese are satisfied with their city.

86% of the Viennese feel secure. This is the 6th place behind Helsinki, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Stockholm and Paris.

Only 36% think the integration of foreign persons succeeds successfully. Only cities like Berlin, Malmo and Stockholm are worser rated in that question.

The city with the highest acceptance in the European Union is Groningen (Netherlands): 97% satisfaction. The second place takes Krakow in Poland, the third Leipzig in Germany.

The city with the lowest quality of life in the Eurpean Union is Athens, the capital of Greece. Also Naples and Bukarest are on the lowest ranks in that survey.

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