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No consideration: social minister Buchinger wants wage increase

moneyIn an interview with Austrias daily newspaper “Österreich”, Austrias social minister Erwin Buchinger ponders about the next wage negotiations in autumn.

“An increase of 4 percent would be the ideal result”, he says. Buchinger also told he don’t want to give recommendations to the social partners, but he is also not interested to act like “Mr.Consideration”.

Buchinger demands a full discharge of the middle class. “Austrias starting tax rates are one of the highest in the world”, he told the daily newspaper.

The Austrian social minister also wants the relaunch of tax on property. The tax rate should amount 0,5 percent. Buchinger is not afraid about the resistance of the coalition partner of the Peoples Party to that kind of idea. “In the following negotiations about the financing of the people who are in need of care, the Peoples Party will see that we need more money”, he said.

Buchinger also promised if the Peoples Party won’t agree to relaunch the tax on property, it will be an issue for the next election campaign.

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