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Gumball machine riot: police fight against chewing gum lovers

policeA gang of chewing gum lovers between the age of 16 to 27 years, brought the police of Traisen in Lower Austria up to speed.

The candy addicts broke up a gumball machine, stole the chewing gum, and then started to demolish the gumball machine with scoops and a brakeshoe for railway waggons, which they took from the railway station.

One police patrol was not enough to calm down the “chewing gum hooligans”. The Lower Austrian police had to come with four patrol cars and police dogs to clear the situation.

The policemen first were vilely insulted, and then attacked. After a little while the police was able to arrest the violent men. Hundreds of stolen chewing gum balls were found in their pockets.

After the recording of their personal data, the young men were set free again.

Photo: © Photographer: Stephen Coburn | Agency:

Ein Kommentar zu “Gumball machine riot: police fight against chewing gum lovers”

  1. Mark

    There’s just no stopping those chewing gum junkies!

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