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Debts of Upper Austrias cities and municipalities

debts financial powerHinterstoder is on the top of the list of Upper Austrias highest in debt municipalities.

The indebtedness per head of Hinterstoder amounts 11.000 EUR. This is more than the double of Unterweitersdorf, which is the municipality in the second place.

The Upper Austrian municipality with the lowest debts is Mayrhofen im Innviertel. The village with 257 inhabitants is the only municipality in Upper Austria with absolutely no debts.

The city with the highest depts in Upper Austria is the provincial capital of Linz. The indebtedness per head amounts 1.927 EUR. This is much more than Steyr (1215 EUR), Traun (426 EUR), Wels (299 EUR) and Leonding (268 EUR). The city with the highest depts in whole state of Austria is the Lower Austrian city Wiener Neustadt with 4.234 EUR indebtedness per head.

The municipalities with the highest financial power are Lenzing, followed by Linz, Wels, Pasching, Ried, Steyr, Gunskirchen, Steinhaus, Hörsching and Freinberg. The financial power consits of the income of municipal rates and the earning shares of the fiscal equalization scheme.

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