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SLI Società Imprese Lignano wants to buy centre of Bad Gastein

bad gastein centreThe Italian company “SLI Società Imprese Lignano” is interested to buy the centre of Austrias famous spa resort Bad Gastein, and invest 100 mio EUR for the renovation of the decayed centre of the town.

SLI Società Imprese Lignano is operator of the beach in Lignano, the thermal springs, the camping site, the congress and the exhibition center and other touristic attractions of the Italian town.

The condition: Franz Duval, a real estate speculator from Vienna who is the owner of Bad Gasteins town centre, has to agree in the deal.

Since January the Italians negotiate about the precious real estates. 15 mio EUR were bidden for five houses, but Duval, who bought half of the centre of Bad Gastein in 2001 for 5,9 mio EUR, wants to have 25 mio EUR.

Duval declines an evaluation of the real estates by the Italians. “Maybe those ruins only have a value of 10 mio EUR”, says the spokeswoman of SLI.

7 years ago the Italians bought the Hotel Savoy in Bad Gastein. Since that time the hotel is broke and empty.

– Link: Pictures of Bad Gastein

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