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Births in Austrias federal state Tirol

births7.117 babies were born last year in the federal state of Tirol.

Conspicuously is that women in old age became mothers more often, and the increase of abdominal deliveries.

More and more women in Tirol decide to have a baby in old age. Last year every fourth mother was more than 35 years old. The oldest mother was 48 years old.

3,7 percent of the birth were done in an ambulant operation. Already 22,1 percent of the mothers were older than 35 years. The amount of the mothers who are older as 40 years, increased in the last 6 years from 2 to 4 percent.

Water births becoming more and more popular. Every tenth child in Tirol was born in the bath tub. Water birth is a gentle way to deliver a baby.

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