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Politican of BZÖ declares war on foreign mushroomers in Carinthia

carinthiaThe politican Uwe Scheuch of the BZÖ party has no mercy for people who are collecting mushrooms in Carinthia, and don’t follow the rules.

He wants them to pay high fines. Especially mushroomers from abroad are a thorn in his side.

“I will never accept people who are just coming to Austria to loot mushrooms in our forests”, he says. Scheuch is going to try all legal possibilities to stop foreign mushroomers in Carinthia.

The politican of the orange party declines the idea of giving concessions to mushroomers. “This is not a good idea. The native Carinthians should still be able to collect mushrooms in our forests. This is our old tradition.”, he confirms.

“Foreign mushroomers should know, if they are picking our mushrooms, they have to expect adequate resistance”, says Scheuch.

The legal requirements in Carinthia allow two kilogram mushrooms per head.

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  1. HCR

    Gut, daß die ersten Eurofighter schon da sind.

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