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Carinthian electric customers must pay for Haider’s football club

footballThe Socialdemocratic Party calls it an barefacedness. The electric customers of Carinthia have to pay for the new football club of minister president Jörg Haider.

In the last football season the provincial government of Carinthia bought the license to play in Austrias top football league from the Upper Austrian club “FC Superfund”, which wanted to quit being a member of Austrias Premier League. Now the new artificial club found a sponsor in the electricity distributor “KELAG” which belongs to the provincial government of Carinthia.

This makes the Socialdemocratic Party upset. “The customers of KELAG have to pay for Haider’s football fantasies. If KELAG has too much money, they should reduce their prices”, says the general manager of the Carinthian Socialdemocrats.

The general manager demands the discovery of the sponsorship deal. “The Carinthian tax payers and electric customers have a right to know how much of their money is wasted for playing football and sitting on the substitutes’ bench”, he says.

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