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HC Strache: Austrian government is estranged

stracheHC Strache, the leader of one of the opposition parties, is critizicing the government once more.

The leader of the blue Freedom Party complains about the Eurofighter deal, the responsible minister of defence Norbert Darabos of the Socialdemocratic Party, and the whole Peoples Party.

Strache says the Austrian government is incapable of acting and too busy with themselfes. “The problems of the Austrian citizens become bigger and bigger. The Austrians should be able to vote and change that unbearable situation”, he says.

“This government only consits of emptyness”, thinks Strache.

Festival between Schlierbach and Windischgarsten is over

The “Festival of Regions” in the Southern region of Upper Austria ended yesterday in the late afternoon. The festival took place from the 23th June to 8th July along the Pyrhn road from Schlierbach in the north to Windischgarsten in the south. On the last day the artists of the project “Kerbl Ges.m.b.H.’s” made a […]

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