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Austria has most modern animal transport law in Europe

motorwayThe animal rights spokesman of the Socialdemocratic Party Dietmar Keck is happy.

“Austria has the most modern animal transport law in Europe”, he told yesterday in the National Council.

Keck: “Now the European Union must take the case and guarantee the acceptation of the Austrian animal transport law for all other members of the European Union.”

Keck showed himself delighted about the practical execution of the law, but criticized the secrecy of the Animal Rghts Council.

Keck also worries about the monkeys in the Gänserndorf zoo. “The monkeys must have a permanent accommodation”, he damanded.

Ein Kommentar zu “Austria has most modern animal transport law in Europe”

  1. D Lowe

    Sounds great. Like to know more about the transportation laws than the short piece written in this article.

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