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Green Party moans: too little public toilets in Linz

linzMembers of the Green Party of Upper Austria bother their heads about the public toilet situation in their provincial capital of Linz.

“There are too little toilets in the city. I have a problem if I need to go to a toilet in Linz“, says one politican.

There are only four public toilets in the capital of the federal state Upper Austria. One in the railway station, another one on the Blumau square, one on the main square (Hauptplatz) and the fourth in the old town hall in the city district of Urfahr above the Danube river.

Besides the shortage of toilets, there is also no guide-system to the few toilets, criticize the Greens further.

The Green Party is part of the provincial government of Upper Austria, so they are in power. Maybe they can make their provincial capital to the Austrian capital of toilets?

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