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Peoples Party politican: horses destroy the streets of Vienna

fiaker coachman viennaThe directress of Viennas first district “Innere Stadt” Ursula Stenzel (Peoples Party), complains about the traditional coachmen who are going through the city centre of Vienna for touristical purposes.

“They destroy our streets”, she says, and demands a barrier for several coachmen routes in the city centre of Vienna.

Stenzel speaks between costs of five and six mio EUR to repair the broken streets. “This is too much for our district”, she says. The district-directress wants more money from the Socialdemocratic government of Vienna.

The politican says she also wants to reduce the coachman concessions. But she agrees the Viennese coachmen are an Austrian cultural artifact and an important touristical attraction for Vienna.

The Socialdemocratic government of Vienna is not interested to give extra money to Stenzels first district. “The coachman case is only the business of the district. Stenzel has to get along with her budget”, says the Socialdemocratic traffic-city-councillor of Vienna.

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