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Van der Bellen about Socialdemocratic promises

alexander van der bellenThe leader of the green party, Alexander van der Bellen, wants to know if chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer is still for the exit from the Eurofighter contract or not.

The former government between Peoples Party and BZÖ signed a contract to buy the new European combat aircrafts “Eurofighter”. The election campaign of Alfred Gusenbauers Socialdemocratic Party promised an exit from the contract.

Alfred Gusenbauer won the election and is the chancellor of the new government. But he is not so sure anymore if Austria should really cancel the Eurofighter deal. Van der Bellen wants clearness now.

Van der Bellen says: “Gusenbauer must tell if the plan to cancel the deal is over now or not. He must tell if his pre-election promise is still valid.”

“The Eurofighter case was a central announcement of the Socialdemocratic Party before the election. If Gusenbauer changes his mind now, it would be a huge damage of the party, and a big shame for the Socialdemocratic politics in Austria.”, Van der Bellen adds.

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