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Every second marriage gets divorced in Austria

divorce coupleThe importance of marriages in Austria is still going down. 2006 was a record year of divorces.

Vienna is the top leader in the Austrian divorce statistics. 65,85 percent, almost two of three marriages, get divorced.

The two best provinces in Austria to be married are Tirol (37,55 % divorces) and Upper Austria (39,50 % divorces). 20.336 marriages were divorced in 2006. 883 more than one year before. This even outreaches the divorce record of last year.

The divorces increased rapidly in the last several years. In 1991 only one third of the marriages were divorced. The average marriage in Austria has a duration of nine years. One third of the married couples break up in the first five years.

The bigger part (88,10 %) divorce by mutual consent. Most of the controversial divorces were made by the men. The most popular months for divorces in Austria are March, May and on the third rank October.

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