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“Festival Of Regions 2007” in the Southern part of Upper Austria

festival of regionsTwo years after the last festival in the Northern part of Upper Austria, the “Festival Of Regions 2007” is going to start this weekend on the 23th June in the Southern part of the federal state Upper Austria.

This years festival has the title: “Exits and dead ends on location”.

The festival lasts from the 23th June to the 8th July. The opening is going to take place in the monastery of Schlierbach. The festival area stretches along the Pyhrn road, from the most northern point Schlierbach, to the most southern spot Windischgarsten.

30 artists from all kinds of nations will show their works and creations. They come from Austria, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and United States.

“We are inviting the public to come to a tour around interventions, installations and strong images on the theme, Exits and Dead Ends,” says the festival director, Martin Fritz, and is already giving the following tip, “Reserve an entire day or, even better, a weekend to have a close look on location at all that our program brings together artistically. From events in contemporary history through present-day everyday life to local developments for the future, the artistic projects on the tour work up the focal themes of contemporary history, migration, mobility, progress and withdrawal using the means of contemporary fine art.

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photo: ©fdr Furchtbare Wege – Visualisierung Wegmarkierung Kirchdorf/Krems

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