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Vanilla is Austrias most favourite ice cream

ice creamThe heatwave these days in Austria increases the demand for ice cream.

The latest survey of GfK shows the ice cream preferences of the Austrians.

25 percent of the Austrians prefer vanilla ice cream. People from Vienna eat the fewest amounts of ice cream, compared to the Austrians of other federal states.

The ranking of Austrias most popular ice creams is as follows: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, hazelnuts, lemon, stracciatella, pistachio, raspberry, coffee and malaga. Both genders like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry best, but then women prefer hazelnuts, and men lemon, stracciatella and pistachio.

Austrias best ice cream consumers are located in Tirol and Vorarlberg. 40 percent of the people from the federal states Tirol and Vorarlberg eat ice cream several times in a week. The average throughout Austria is 27 percent.

Too much crime in Vorarlberg: police recommends to carry arms

After the two rapes last week in the Vorarlberg town of Dornbirn, and the increasing crime, the police of Vorarlberg recommends their citizens to carry arms. During a radio program yesterday on “Radio Vorarlberg” a member of the Vorlarlberg police forces tells the listeners to carry pepper spray. “Pepper spray is a good instrument against […]

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Too talkative: grandchild killed grandmother

A 35 year old man killed his grandmother in the town of Asten, which is located close to the city of Linz, because she was talking too much. The grandchild lived with his parents and grandparents in one house. The committer had a room in the cellar, his parents lived on the ground floor, and […]

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