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Drunken man in Styria strangled police dog

police dogA 31-year-old drunken man hit the headlines in the Eastern Styrian district of Weiz.

First he attacked his girlfriend. Then he tried to attack a policeman and strangled his police dog.

The 43-year-old woman called the police because she was threatened and beated by the drunkard.

The police came and tried to protect the woman from the drunker. This made him ever more angrier. He beated one of the policemen, jumped on the floor and strangled the police dog. Several policemen were necessary to control the 31-year-old man.

He was brought to the prison “Jakomini” in Graz with handcuffs.

8-year-old boy was laughing too loud: shot

No day without a shooting in Austria it seems. Yesterday a 8-year-old boys was shot by a sniper on a play yard in Viennese district of Favoriten. The reason is unknown. The police assumes the boy was laughing too loud. The Turkish boy was brought to hospital by a helicopter and survived. The sniper escaped. […]

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