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Where people from Vienna prefer to spend their holidays

holidayThe most popular holiday destinations of the people from Vienna are Greece, followed by Turkey, Spain and Tunesia. Thereby they prefer last minute offers.

Tourism experts see a trend reversal. Travels to Spain and Greece are decreasing. Egypt is catching up more and more.

The most popular holiday destinations for the Viennese in Austria is the federal state of Styria. Especially families with little children prefer to stay in Austria. Salzburg is the second popular holiday destination and Lower Austria on the third rank.

The leisure researchers see an end of the classic 14-days-summer-holiday. The holiday of the 22th century is going to be much shorter.

Drunken man wanted to shoot a mole in Leibnitz

A drunken man from the Styrian town of Leibnitz was so upset about molehills, that he had to take a shotgun and shoot on them. Worrying neighbours called the police. The Austrian police task force “Corbra” had to come to calm down the angry man and take away his shotgun. The 43-year-old mole hater now […]

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