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Living in the expensive city of Salzburg

flatsThe city of Salzburg has the most expensive owner-occupied flats and houses in Austria. This shows the new survey of

Flats for renting are the most popular way of living in the city of Mozart.

The demand for flats is increasing more and more. Especially high-cost flats are the most desired ones in Salzburg.

Owner-occupied flats, houses, and land became very expensive in and around the city of Salzburg. One square metre ownership of residential apartments has an average cost of 2.900 EUR.

That’s why the citizens of Salzburg want to rent a flat. Salzburg became the most expensive city of Austria in buying flats or houses. Before it was Innsbruck. Renting a flat is still quite cheap compared to other European cities.

Living in Salzburg has the same attractiveness like living in Tuscany, Southern France or Swiss Tessin, shows a comparison of different European regions.

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