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What Austrians think about cars

carsThe Austrian car and motor club “ÖAMTC” made a survey about the relation of the Austrians to their cars.

Every fifth Austrian has a name for his car. Names from Daisy, Baby, Ferdl, Flocki, on to Silberpfeil (silverarrow), Rocket and Kübel (bucket) are possible.

One third took a credit to purchase the car. By new cars the ratio is even 46 percent.

For the Austrian car drivers of both genders the economicalness of the car is very important. Austrian men prefer a strong motor, the women like it compact and set a greater value upon the colour and design of the car as men.

The Austrian car and motor club divide the Austrian car drivers in five groups: 19% are self-exposers, 27% are counted to the ambitious drivers, 21% to the providers, eleven percent are targeted users and 22 percent are function orienated less drivers.

Young Austrians (18 to 29 years) like exclusiveness, design, a certain colour, and a cheap price for their car. The age group between 30 and 39 years want a big car with a lot of space. Car drivers between 50 and 60 years dream about a car with a lot of extras such as cruise control and navigation systems.

Only every fifth car owner in Austria would lend his car.

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