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Who are the most famous Austrians?

plakatEverybody knows them in Austria. They are famous Austrians, and they are give recommendations to buy certain products.

Now the market research institute detected the most important Austrian celebrities in the advertising industry.

Result: the ski racer Hermann Maier is the most famous Austrian. Behind comes the pop singer Christina Stürmer. The bronze medal goes to another pop singer: Reinhard Fendrich.

1. Hermann Maier (ski racer) 50,80%
2. Christina Stürmer (pop singer) 42,70%
3. Reinhard Fendrich (pop singer) 35,50%
4. Wolfgang Ambros (pop singer) 33,70%
5. Alfred Dorfer (comedian) 22,90%
6. Georg Danzer (pop singer) 22,30%
7. Franz Klammer (ski racer) 22,1%
8. Roland Düringer (comedian) 21,80%

Famousness in percent to the question: “which celebrity you have spontaneously in mind?”

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