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Bank robber wanted cash from cashless bank

bankBad luck for a bank robber in Vienna.

He tried to rob a bank which only offers cashless payment transactions.

The odd bank robbery happened yesterday afternoon in the Viennese district Hernals. The approximately 30-year-old man had a mask on his face and threatened the bank employees, but they were not able to satisfy his wishes. The bank only offers cashless payment transactions.

Without any loot he had to escape. The man jumped into his car which was standing infront of the bank and drove away. He is still on the run.

Viennese woman in court because she wanted sex with priest

The 41-year-old woman from Vienna tried several years to have a hot night of love with a certain priest. The priest was not able to escape from the woman who was hungry for his love. He tried to move to other places, but the woman always found him and followed. The priest got depressions, attacks […]

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Mad pig breeder tried to kill a pig with iron bar

Nobody knowns what was going on in the head of a pig breeder yesterday night in the Upper Austrian region of the Innviertel. He tried to kill a pig with an iron bar, then he pulled the badly injured animal infront of his street door, and went away. The pig sustained a broken backbone and […]

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