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Village sold mountain peak to Austrian sausage manufacturer

mountain peakThe Austrian sausage manufacturer “Wiesbauer” bought the mountain “Mullwitzkopf” in East Tirol, and changed its name to “Wiesbauer Peak”.

The mayor of the village Prägraten cannot understand the panic about the “mountain deal”. “We have a lot of mountains around our village. So we were able to sell one.”, he says.

If the sausage manufacturer also buys a new cross on the summit of the mountain is not sure yet.

Gerd Hauser of the Freedom Party levels loud criticism about the deal. “This is a perversion! The first cheap step for the clean-up sale of our native country.”, he says.

In this case the business possiblities for poor towns and villages in Austria are almost unlimited. Not only mountain peaks could be sold. Also lakes, forests, streets, and if all those things were sold, the mayors could sell the names of their villages. “Johnny Huber Butcher’s Shop Town” instead of “Prägraten”? Why not, if it brings more money to the municipality.

– link: Wiesbauer sausage

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