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Snack bar in Wels was not allowed to sell Kebap

snack bar“I am going to cancel the license, if I see one single Kebap in this snack bar”, said the vice-mayor of Wels Manfred Hochhauser.

A couple from Turkey bought the snack bar in the centre of Upper Austrias second biggest city Wels, and wanted to offer a wide range of snacks. Also the Turkish speciality “Kebap” should be among the meals.

The governemt of Wels was not happy about that, and threatened the snack bar owners to cancel their license if they are going to sell Kebap.

The couple was desperate. “We need to sell Kebap to survive. Everybody in Wels wants to eat Kebap”, they said.

Now the vice-mayor changed his mind. The snack bar is allowed to sell Kebap. “But only if they also sell Austrian sausages”, affirmed vice-mayor Hochhauser.

The couple was so happy about that decision, they even add the traditional Austian dish “Wiener Schnitzel” from the pork to their menu. Their way to say “thank you” to the vice-mayor.

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