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Three raids in 5 hours: Viennese police is not concerned

police viennaThree raids in one day in Vienna. The police commander of Viennas says: “This hurts, but there is no reason to be concerned”.

Criminals kept the Viennese police busy yesterday.

At first two criminal early risers with sunglasses robbed the post office in the Weintraubengasse at 7:30am. After all the money was taken, they started to beat a post office clerk for fun. He had to be brought to hospital.

The next incident happend around 10:00am. A clock makers shop in the Wollzeile was attacked and robbed. Again the criminals had sunglasses. The most expensive clock had a value of 11.800 EUR.

But not enough two hours later a bank robbery was reported to the police in the Viennese district of Penzing (Breitenseer Strasse 48). The robber was totally dressed in black. He had a gun and put all the money into his black backpack. The “man in black” escaped in a grey Skoda without license plate number. Nobody was hurt.

“No reason to be concerned”, was the comment of the Viennese police.

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