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Law against begging in Fürstenfeld: beggar go to court

begging in townOne beggar from the Styrian town of Fürstenfeld is not excited about the new law against begging on the street. He locates an offense against human rights and prepares a charge in the constitution court.

The beggar gets support from the Vinzenz community, a female lawyer, and the constitution expert Brünner from Graz.

“The law is a massive offense against human rights”, says Brünner and sees good chances for his charge.

Brünner: “Begging can be also seen as expression of an opinion, and there is free speech in Austria.”

The town municipality of Fürstenfeld does not agree in such thoughts. Fürstenfeld wants to keep the law against begging. “This is the only way to fight against industrial begging”, says one speaker of the municipality.

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